The 2022 USA Softball 12U All-American Games in Oklahoma City at the Hall of Fame Stadium kick off next week, August 12-14, 2022. The Region 3 Freedom team will represent Florida. The event draws the top 12U talent nationally and will provide national exposure to these athletes.

Florida will be well represented and send a deep team of 15 players across the state. The coaching staff selected the Team after three separate tryouts. No more than four players can come from any one team.

The Coaches

Joseph “Bam” Donalson

Coach Donalson is currently the head coach of the Santa Fe inferno 09 Donalson team. This past season they posted a record of 31-26-3. The squad competed against the best in the state and traveled out of state to face some of the best the country has to offer. The Team also has some impressive wins playing up in the 14U division as well.

Beth Pynes

Coach Beth as she is known, is the Head Coach for the Florida Thunderbolts 09 Pynes. The Bolts are considered the top 09 teams in the state, if not nationally. This season they posted an impressive record of 62-12.  In the colorado sparkler, they landed 13th out of 104 teams and took home numerous tournament titles this season.

Jeff Humphrey

Coach Humphrey is the head coach of Santa Fe Inferno 10u. His Team had a strong record of 53-17-2 in the 10u division. Humphrey also has an older daughter who is currently playing at JMU. Coach will work with the pitchers and catchers and bring a world of experience to this staff.

The 2022 Region 3 Freedom

Zoey Abdullah (2028)
12U Team: Athletics Mercado Florida (14U)

Zoey is coming off a solid season that saw the slapper finish with a .441 BA and a .587 OBP. Abdullah primarily plays center and second base. This past year she also saw time on varsity posting a .358 OBP with 7 SB and 15 runs. She brings a lot of speed to the table for the Freedom team.

Addison Allaire (2027)
12U Team: Florida thunderbolts 09 pynes

Addison is a power pitcher that also brings power to the plate. The righty had a great spring and summer, racking up 220 strikeouts between travel and high school ball. She is also a force at the plate and knocked three over the fence this season. Addison is a pitcher only that will play a critical role for the Freedom.

Kalei Bertke (2027)
Team: Florida thunderbolts 09 Pynes

The middle infielder brings a high softball IQ, solid glove, and quick feet to the Team. The slapper had a .480 OBP along with a robust .919 fielding percentage. Bertke gives the coaches options defensively and brings speed to the bases.

Paige Bettermann (2027)
12U Team: SFL Intensity 09 – KOD/CAZ

The hard-throwing righty also plays first and brings a consistent bat. This past summer, she posted 191 strikeouts in the circle. At the plate, she carried a .357 BA with 48 RBI. One of three big arms this Team has, she allows the coaches options both in the circle and on the field.

Lauren Daugherty (2027)
12U Team: Florida thunderbolts 09 Pynes

Daugherty is a catcher and outfielder with an excellent bat. This past season the right-handed hitter posted three home runs while batting .395 with 44 RBI and 60 hits. Her strong arm and aggressive style make her a great option behind the plate.

Paityn Donalson (2028)
12U Team: Santa Fe inferno 09 Donalson

Paityn plays for Santa Fe inferno 09 Donalson, where her father is the head coach. Donalson primarily plays outfield along with some second base. The slapper has stayed consistent, keeping a 300 + BA for the last three years. Her speed and high softball IQ make her a threat at the plate and on the bases.

Maren Hornsby (2027)
12U Team: Santa Fe inferno 09 Donalson

Maren Hornsby is a middle infielder and outfielder who mainly plays shortstop and center field on Santa Fe inferno 09 – Donalson. The slapper had a good season with an average of .466 with 54 stolen bases. Speed is her game. She is tall and fast, which also makes her a genuine triple threat at the plate.

Alysa “Bam” Jones (2027)
12U Team: Team Tampa 09 Joiner

Alysa, who currently plays on Team Tampa 09 Joiner, is a pitcher and shortstop who had 53 strikeouts last season with Team Tampa and an impressive batting average of .430. Her ability to play multiple positions and pitch makes her a critical asset to this Team.

Valerieh Juarez (2027)
12U Team: Santa Fe inferno 09 Donalson

Juarez played her last season with Santa Fe inferno 09 Donalson, where she was a starter at third base along with playing center. She had an excellent field percentage of .839 and a batting average of .301. Juarez plays a fearless style, constantly attacking the ball. She also brings speed to the table for the Freedom.

Ashlynn Loftus (2027)
12U Team: Team Tampa 09 Joiner

Ashlynn currently plays on Team Tampa 09. She plays third primarily. The righty hitter shows a lot of power in the box posting a .411 OBP with two home runs. She is a tough out at the plate and has a strong arm in the field. One of many options this Team has when it comes to big bats.

Emery Luke (2027)
12U Team: Auburndale Synergy 14u

Luke had an excellent season this year while playing with the Auburndale Synergy 14u. She is a catcher and shortstop. Emery also has a good bat with one home run this season and has a .448 batting average in 160 plate appearances in her first season of 14U. She has a cannon for an arm, so runners should beware.

Alivia Miller (2027)
12U Team: Guardians 14U

Alivia is an ace pitcher who last season played up at the 14u and 18u levels. She had an awe-inspiring season with 109 strikeouts. Alivia is also an outstanding hitter with an excellent batting average of .508, along with hitting six out this season. Miller brings severe heat from the circle, making this staff very deep.

Taliah Murria (2027)
12U Team: Team Tampa 09 Joiner

Taliah is currently on Team Tampa 09 Joiner. She primarily holds down short while also playing pitcher. The right hitter had a good season with a batting average of 340. She is a versatile player that can play nearly any spot on the field. She also has good speed on the bases.

Emma Pynes (2027)
12U Team: Florida thunderbolts 09 Pynes

Emma Pynes, whose mother is also assistant coach Beth, comes from one of the top 12U teams in Florida and nationally, The Florida Thunderbolts 09. The right-handed power hitter has eight (8) home runs this summer and has also impressed in the circle striking out over 100 batters. Emma also plays all outfield positions, primarily holding down center.

Jesslyn Vera
12U Team: SFL Intensity 09 – KOD/CAZ

Vera is the type of player that can play any position on the field but primarily plays SS. She also has a strong bat posting a .373 BA with 60 hits and seven triples. Her great athleticism, combined with a strong arm and high softball IQ, makes her a threat no matter where she plays on the field.