(Note if we are off on any of the final four placements, we apologize, although we think we have them correct.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the PGF Fall State Tournament was a whirlwind of softball action, showcasing talent, determination, and a whole lot of rain. Mother Nature tried to rain on our parade, but we persevered and witnessed some epic battles in the 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U divisions. Let’s break it all down and relive the excitement!

Starting with the 12U division, bracket play was cut short due to rain, forcing the event director to revert back to overall record. In the end, it was FL Power Black-Savulak who emerged as the champions, going a perfect 4-0 and outscoring their opponents 35-12. These girls brought the heat and their bats were on fire all weekend. A well-deserved victory for FL Power Black-Savulak. Coming in as the runner-up was Ohana 12U, with a 4-1 record on the weekend. Their only blemish was a 5-7 loss to Weston 2011. Rounding out the top four were Riptide 2011 and Clearwater Bullets Farmer 2011. These young athletes showcased some serious skills and left us wanting more.

Moving on to the 14U division, the rain once again interfered with bracket play, leading to a reliance on overall record. Taking home the championship title was Bombers Gold 14u Florida, making a strong statement with a perfect 6-0 record and an impressive 48 runs scored. These girls were an offensive powerhouse, leaving their opponents in the dust. The runner-up position went to Clearwater Bullets Vigue, who went 5-1 on the weekend, with their only loss coming against Weston 14U. Clearwater Bullets Vigue had their bats swinging with authority, outscoring their opponents 59-16. Rounding out the top four were Atlanta Vipers 09 and Florida Storm 2010 Curry, who put up a valiant fight but fell just short of the championship glory.

In the 16U division, the rain continued to wreak havoc, forcing bracket play to be cut short and overall record to determine the winners. Taking home the championship crown was Unity Luke 26/27, who dominated the competition with a flawless 6-0 record and an astonishing run differential of 55-4. These ladies were a force to be reckoned with, showcasing their skills both on the mound and at the plate. However, due to the criteria used, the runner-up spot went to Florida Impact Grooms 16U, who also posted a perfect 6-0 record. It was a tough break for them, but their pitching and hitting were on point all weekend. Rounding out the top four were Team Tampa 08 and Windermere Wildfire OBrien 16U, who put up a strong fight but couldn’t quite capture the top honors.

Last but certainly not least, we had the 18U division, where the rain once again played spoilsport. Nonetheless, the champions emerged with Santa Fe Inferno Nowling 18U going undefeated with a remarkable 6-0 record. These ladies brought their A-game, with their bats alive and well, and they managed to come out on top in some nail-biting contests. The runner-up position was secured by Texas Blaze (FL)-Johnson, who went 5-1, with their only loss being a close 3-1 defeat against Wagners FL 18u – Janata. It was an impressive run for Texas Blaze (FL)-Johnson, showcasing their skills and determination. Joining them in the top four were Tampa Mustangs Affrunti / Williams and Florida Gold- Lopez, who fought hard but ultimately fell short of the championship glory.

There you have it, folks! The PGF Fall State Tournament was a rollercoaster of emotions, with rain trying to dampen our spirits, but these athletes showed us what they’re made of. Congratulations to all the winners and kudos to every team that competed. It was a weekend filled with intense battles, jaw-dropping plays, and some serious softball greatness. Until next time, stay tuned for more thrilling action on the diamond!