Recently our staff had the opportunity to demo and review the new 2021 Anderson Bat Company Rocketech Carbon bat. Our team tested the bat with players from a variety of ages, from youth to college. The bat tested was the 2021 Rocketech Carbon -10 33/23.

The first thing players noticed about the bat is its outstanding balance. Nearly every player stated the bat feels lighter than the 23 ounces the bat weighed. Due to the bat’s balance and light feel, players said that it felt good in their hands and allowed for smooth fluid swings.

When meeting the ball with the Rocketechs considerable sweet spot, the bat showed solid pop right out of the wrapper. This bat seems ideal for players looking for a bat with strong “pop” but prefers a balanced, lighter feel than your end-loaded power bats.

Overall our initial thoughts on the bat are well constructed with an outstanding balance in light feel. Ideal for players looking for a bat with pop but not the heavy swing feel. Based on our testing and players used, this bat would be ideal for players 14U and up.

Anderson offers an end-loaded -9 version as well as a -11 version as well. For more information on the Rocketech Carbon and Anderson’s other bats, please visit