Next up in our review of Anderson Bats is the Rocketech -9 Double-Wall Fastpitch Bat. Both high-level youth players and several college players and coaches tested the bat. For testing, players used a Rocketech -9 Double-Wall 33/24 bat.

You can immediately tell when you pick this bat up it was designed for power and power hitters. There is no doubting; it is end-loaded but feels great when you take your first few cuts. As you swing, can you feel the bat speed picking up and flying through the zone.

Each player that tested the bat said that it felt smooth through contact. Constructed from 7075 alloy with a double-barrel design makes this bat very durable, which means a lot considering the current state of many bats on the market. All the players who tested the bat could not believe it when we told them it was an alloy construction. They stated the feel was no different than that of a composite bat.

The term “Pop” does not do this bat justice. When you meet the ball on the large sweet spot, it explodes off this bat. Power hitters enjoyed the amount of power they felt they had with the bat. Another positive of this bat is that it is a good choice in cooler climates due to its alloy construction.

If you are a power hitter looking for an end-loaded bat that generates power and has excellent durability, you should consider the Rocketech. Finally, this bat provides value; it has the pop people are looking for, the durability needed in today’s game, and all at nearly half the price as other bats.

Anderson also offers a balanced Rocketech Carbon -10 as well as a -11 version. For more information on the Rocketech Carbon and Anderson’s other bats, please visit