Florida, USA — USA Softball of Florida, is proud to announce the appointment of Tracy Betterman as the new Junior Olympic Commissioner for the USA Softball of Florida.  With a profound commitment to the sport and a dedication to empowering young women, Tracy is poised to take on this crucial role in advancing and developing the game of softball in the state of Florida.

USA Softball of Florida, part of USA Softball the National Governing Body for softball in the United States, plays a pivotal role in ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for thousands of softball players across our State. Additionally, it serves as the exclusive pathway for athletes aspiring to represent the USA National and Olympic Teams.

In a statement regarding her new role, Tracy Bettermann expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am very excited to take on this new role. Having three daughters who all play the game and having played it myself, I have a deep respect for the sport and the positive impact it can have on young women.”

Tracy further emphasized her commitment to bringing fresh and affordable opportunities to softball teams and organizations throughout Florida. She stated, “One of my biggest goals is to bring new and affordable opportunities to the teams and organizations here in Florida. We are currently working on several initiatives that we are excited about, and we hope our teams and organizations will also be excited. Keep an eye out as we will make several announcements in the near future. I will be reaching out to teams and individuals throughout the upcoming weeks so I can better understand, from them, what they want and need for their teams and players.”

USA Softball of Florida Commissioner Dwayne Sealy also shared his thoughts on Tracy’s appointment, saying, “Tracy’s dedication to the sport of softball has grown over a lifetime of involvement with the game of fast-pitch softball and it’s impacts on the young girls who play this great sport. Tracy’s drive for the game, the players, coaches and families will prove to be a great fit for USA Softball of Florida.”

Tracy Bettermann’s appointment represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of excellence and growth within the softball community in Florida. Her passion for the game, combined with her desire to nurture talent and provide accessible opportunities align perfectly with USA Softball of Florida’s mission.

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