Video analysis is becoming more a part of modern sports and can provide a training boost for individuals. We all learn in different ways, some through thinking or reading, while others are more visual. Learning how to use video analysis in your coaching can produce some reliable results. Using video analysis, athletes can gain a competitive edge, correct faults, and maximize their strengths.

Merely watching a replay of the game, an at-bat, or a pitching sequence is not enough. Coaches and players need to watch with the intent to learn. As a coach, it can be a great chance to work with your players and teach them how to become their own coach. When a player can learn to self evaluate, they can bring their game to another level. Video Analysis allows players to learn this process.

We can slow the video down and provide a visual to either a success or a failure. The coach can point out where a player’s mechanics may be failing them. Better yet, the coach can use the video to challenge the player to point out where a breakdown occurs. Conversely, a coach can also show positive examples of when a player is doing things correctly.

Video also allows coaches the time to do a more in-depth analysis of the player’s performances. It can asst you in developing better training plans specific to the player being watched. Often you will pick up on things that you were not seeing while observing it live due to the pace of the game.

Finally, video can be useful in the prevention of injury. When a coach or trainer can see flawed mechanics, the issue can be addressed and corrected before a player sustains an injury due to poor mechanics. A specific example of this is both the fielders and the pitchers throwing mechanics. Poor mechanics can lead to a variety of injuries, with some being minor to others being more severe. If you have a player who states that she has a sore arm regularly, you should consider capturing video from both practices and games. This will allow you to determine if mechanics are what is causing the issues or not.

Video can bet a great tool if used correctly.