In 2020 Athletes Unlimited (AU) revolutionized the sport with a series of rule innovations designed to enhance gameplay and create a thrilling experience for players and fans alike. These innovative rules added a unique twist to traditional softball, emphasizing individual performance, strategic decision-making, and intense competition. In this article, we explore the rules that makes Athletes Unlimited different from college softball and other professional leagues.

Individual Performance-Based Scoring:

A groundbreaking feature of AU Softball is the scoring system that rewards individual performances in addition to team success. Players accumulate points based on their offensive and defensive contributions, encouraging each athlete to strive for personal excellence. This system creates a captivating dynamic where individual achievements play a crucial role in determining a player’s impact on the game.

Dream Team Draft:
Unlike traditional team assignments, the AU Softball season introduced a weekly Dream Team Draft. The top four players, determined by their individual performances, became captains and had the privilege of selecting their teammates for the upcoming week. This innovative drafting process ensured a fresh mix of talent, fostering camaraderie, and strategic team-building.

Double Plays and Triple Plays:
In a bid to inject more excitement into the game, the 2023 AU Softball season introduced the opportunity for double plays and triple plays to be scored. Teams had the chance to convert consecutive outs within a single play, adding a strategic element and intensifying the action on the field. These scoring opportunities further heightened the stakes and created thrilling moments for players and fans alike.

Unlimited Defensive Substitutions:
AU Softball deviated from traditional softball rules by allowing unlimited defensive substitutions. Teams could make defensive changes freely, enabling them to optimize their defensive strategies based on matchups and game situations. This rule innovation encouraged teams to strategize and adapt dynamically throughout the game, adding an extra layer of tactical complexity.

Captains’ Challenges:
Athletes Unlimited introduced the Captains’ Challenge system to ensure fairness and accuracy. Captains had the ability to challenge specific calls or situations, which were then reviewed using instant replay technology. This rule aimed to uphold the integrity of the game and provide teams with a means to address potential errors, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

Fast-Paced Format:
AU Softball prides itself on a fast-paced and action-packed format. With a shorter game duration, timed innings, and a continuous clock, the league creates an exciting atmosphere that keeps fans engaged from start to finish. The streamlined format adds a sense of urgency, requiring players to showcase their skills and make quick decisions within a dynamic and rapidly evolving game environment.


Athletes Unlimited Softball brought unprecedented innovation to the sport with a series of rule changes that transformed the game. The emphasis on individual performance, the Dream Team Draft, scoring opportunities through double plays and triple plays, unlimited defensive substitutions, and the Captains’ Challenge system all contributed to a more dynamic game of softball. AU Softball continues to push the boundaries of traditional softball, capturing the imagination of players and fans alike with its commitment to innovation.